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"Wendy...Its Only Make Believe....Isnt It?

23 March
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hey everyone..this is my journal.
my name is vanessa
i hate school
i have big feet
i love my cousins
i love my friends
i love music
i love peter pan
i love jeremy sumpter
i love peter pan
i have an awesome dog named lady
im a dork
i want to be a actress
i love disney movies
i hate liars
i love paseo
i love having fun
i LOVE disneyland
i hate my parents sometimes
i love my parents sometimes
im overweight
im addicted to livejournal
i HATE myspace
i hate homework
i hate teachers
i love william skakespere's poems
i love his plays
i love softball
i love baseball
i love sports
i love going out
but i like staying in and watching a movie more
i love good charlotte
i love rancid
i hate guys
i love guys
but i hate them more
i love country music
i have 2 crushes
i have 4 obsessive lovers..lol
i never want to grow up
i love my life
i hate my life
i hate being sad
i love talking
but i hate the phone
i love pictures
i love the beach
i wanna learn to fly
i do belive in fairies
call me crazy..but i DO believe that there are mermaids
i miss my best friend liz
i wanna surf
i love tight pants
i wish i was living back in year 1910
always..ALWAYS..dream big

i love you ♥