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well...school's been taking up my life! but tomarrow is the last day of school...i still have on more final today, and i have a french final tomarrow. well this summer is going to be AMAZING. with nelly and sam!!!! umm yeah, we are going to be seeing movies like CRAZY. yep yep. im gonna try to go to some auditions i find, and get hooked up with an agent. we are re-doing my entire room....right now as i type, people at my house are putting new carpet in. yay!! and we got new furniture, and new bed stuff, and we painted my room apple green, and the bed is going to be bright pixie pink! yay!! and i am going to frame pictures of things i like and hang them on the wall.. these are the things ive picked out...

  • a picture of new york
  • a picture of london
  • a picture of LA
  • country backrounds
  • marilyn monroe
  • peter pan of course

and more but ill take a picture of it as soon as it finishes.

hmm...what else...this summer is also about YADI! cuz i really miss her and we need to spend time together cuz i miss doing that. going to her house and just eating and watching movies, and listening to disney music :)

this summer is mostly gonna be about cheer though...oh god everyday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! only two weeks off...but i don't blame it, i mean we ARE going to nationals in florida in january, so we need to work our butt off...

hows everyones summer gonna go?

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i made the nationals team!!!!!!! for cheer!!!! i got picked to compete with the nationals squad!!! in january, we are going to florida!!! ahh!! i soooo excited! but it's gonna be alot of hard work....yayayayyyy!!!

except for that, school is 9 more days...and iM DYING. ugh..i hate teachers. but im excited about chhhheeerr!


hummp...whats up with everyone else?
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im stressed cuz of school...16 more days of it, and im gone...but i have ALOT to do till then...god help me...but cheer is relaxing me...

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::hmm..is this what it means?::

i think im starting to figure how life works right now. like...REALLY understand, and the first thing that comes to mind is betrayal.

betryal in appearance, impressions, stealing, lying, everything. ya know? so yeah. thats somethin i came up with.

friends can betray the most. i found that out the hard way....... but when you pick your friends, really pick them. know them. thats just advice.

anyways, tomarrow adam lewis is shadowing me in school.  sam isn't here today :( but i have nelly! so thats good.

we started romeo and juliet in english, and of course i am excited becuase i LOVE WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE! and im like the only one who understands it..lol. so thats cool.

hmm...a little dull today...it's raining. no marantha baseball tonight...that makes me really sad. but it's okay i guess.

cheer today. im excited.


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hsahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! a little hyper.


i don't know what to write. there is nothing to say really. im really excited about chhhheeerrr! hmmppp...it's hard. so yeah.


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the play went really well!!!! but i am gonna miss all the seniors who were in the play :(

hmm...whats new? well...since the play is over, i have alot of free time, but now i have cheer, but thats only a couple hours after school, so now i can go to my brothers baseball games once again...THANK GOD. jeremy signed to a new movie called addicted.com

i already knew about it, so i wasn'gt surprised...im just REALLY happyy!!

ba da ba ba ba! im loving it.

i miss this:


but im welcomed with this:


this is great also ;):

for nelly^^^^^^^^^^^cuz shes MY LIFE.

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AHH!!! my play is TODAY!!!!!

and friday and saturday..but today is the opening night. im SOOOO nervous. ahh.

well my best friend jelly and i ad a good talk today, she met a guy, and he seems really good for her. so that makes me happy







********trying to remember my lines********

im nervous. come see my play.

7:00 at my school..maranatha high school



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hmmm...im just a little pissy right now..

im trying to cool off...i just got humiliated.

i'll tell about it later....but, i forgive you, and you know who im talkin to. i just need some time to chill out.

update: i made varsity cheer. please no one judge me, i need some UP in my life



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